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  1. I was just at my farm, getting some xp...

    Of course I was on difficulty 10, and then I look outside.

    It looks like... Are they trying to hug that Enderman?

    No wait... Nah, they just want to kill me..

    Aikar was right... Do not feed the zombies.
  2. And unfortunately, as discussed ingame. This is the cause recently of extreme TPS lag on the servers recently :(
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  3. so what's the explanation?
  4. No real explanation yet
  5. what kind of explanation do you want? lol
  6. just an explanation for what's going on in that screenshot. is it just a bunch of mobs surrounding an enderman?
  7. You were on diff 10, the mobs will come towards you and wait for you if you are on a wall like you were
  8. This gives me a idea to grind mobs
  9. You guys/gals all know that this was supposed to be funny