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  1. Hey guys,

    So, I'm not sure which computer I should get below, I wanted to see if any of you can help - here are the pics of the specs
    1st Computer:

    2nd Computer:

    Please can you say which one is better and why.

  2. Looks like you just went on a website and see how high you could make it go. None would spend that much on a computer.
    You can easily get a upper good gaming computer for 1500$. Anything else is just for showing off.

    EDIT: Went on the Alienware website. And did the same seems you can barely reach over $10k and thats including a 32" Monitor costing almost 2K, 3 Nvidia Titan 32Gb ram. And the latest intel i7 chip, and 32Gb or rams DDR4. So don't know where you went but you are clearly getting ripped off.
  3. I agree there, I found a website called, they build custom PC's, anything you buy they install. I customized my own but I didn't buy, but the price was around $1,000.

    If I had to recommend any computer processor out there (not that I've used said processor) I'd recommend the AMD-FX9590 (8 x 5.0 GHz), abbreviations may be wrong but I know the name is right.
  4. You can also save yourself about 50% or more by simply ordering the parts and putting it together yourself or with the help of a friend.

    Check out

    You can build/configure your own custom computer, find the best prices/deals and you can see and share other peoples' builds as well.
  5. Don't buy that processor! Look up online benchmarks on the FX9590 vs the i7 4790k (or any i7, or even i5), and you will see that the i7 will crush it in most tasks.
  6. How much are you going to spend on a new PC? and what are you going to use it for? (Rendering, gaming, work)

    Edit: Don't buy premade PCs, they rip you off and are very expensive and underpowered (for the price)