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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by AdinD, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. So....

    I have a computer with these specs
    Something 640 graphics card
    16 gb of ram
    windows 64 bit premium operating system
    some $70 sound card
    What else is there? Lol

    And I am planning to get a new one. Anyone know what these parts could sell for and what custom built I could get for that price?
    Must have 16gb of ram
    Must be able to record at 60fps
    I already have a screen/mouse/keyboard
  2. I recommend getting better info on your specs, I would be glad to help you out later if you want?
  3. Im not exactly sure lol.

    I spent ~$1300 on my computer, so I am guessing I can salvage and sell the parts for ~$1000

    What is a good computer from $1000-$1200?
  4. Well, it looks (from what i see) like you have pretty good specs, What kind of problem are you having? You should n't have to buy an entire new computer with those specs already lol, it would just be a waste of money lol
  5. It's a waste of money to buy pre-built computers, especially gaming ones, as they are usually overpriced. You will get more performance while spending less money if you buy the parts individually and then build the computer yourself. It's not hard to do and you shouldn't really mess anything up when you're handling the parts.

    The key parts that deliver the performance are:
    • the graphics card
    • processor
    Video recording includes:
    • the graphics card (sometimes)
    • processor
    • ram
    • harddrive
    From what I see now, you should upgrade or get another harddrive
    I don't know what kind of processor you have, so I can't tell you anything about that.
  6. 1/10 boot up crashes it asying unable to start. Im just done with this lol. My friend and I are going to salvage the parts tomorrow.


    Have any links to good parts under $1200 total?
  7. do a factory reset
  8. High quality computers (self-built) are mostly around $500, which is extremely cheap compared to Alienware computers which are overpriced... (And for lazy people)
  9. I have a list for ~ $600 if I can find it...
  10. You won't be able to salvage $1000 from a $1300 PC. Computer tech ages very quick. You could have modern parts, which are better (GTX 760) and I-5 3570k with good other parts for less then 1k. I wouldn't plan to get more then $500
  11. I build it last July. It still should be pretty modern.
  12. Hmm. May get $700-$800 then, you didn't list the CPU so I don't know.