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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by AdinD, Feb 28, 2014.

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  1. Welp. My headset plug thingy slnaped of and now is stuck in my computers ONLY headphone jack.
    Anyone know what to do? Lol
  2. So you have a laptop?
  3. pull very hard
  4. Turn it off, get some pliers, and pull it out.
  5. Noooooo. DO NOT TRY TO VACUUM IT OUT! If you put your vacuum anywhere near your computer parts, you have the risk of frying them. Apparently computer parts and static don't go well together.
  6. Who would'a thunk it. I figured don't use a vacuum on the inside but on an exterior jack...
  7. Still, it's not worth the risk. I suggest following Importerer's instructions.
  8. Seconded. But, I have a question: what caused it to snap off? Was it you pulling on the cable? (Do not do this under any circumstance!)
  9. Make sure it's off so you don't get shocked, sticking metal into a jack and all.
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  10. I stepped on the wire, yanking it. This was a 70$ headset too. Ug tweezers wont work, its too far in.
  11. Turn it off, open the side panel, and try to get it from the inside.
  12. Bend the tip of a pin into a little L shape and try to hook it out. This could be a really tricky thing if it's broken off way in.
  13. Its broken at the curve. Like the tip is facing me.
  14. If you're on a desktop you may be able to take the side/front panel off, if you're on a laptop, good luck :/
  15. Can you post a picture? It might be easier for us to help you if we can see it.
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  16. I think I may go to the repair shop. TY all
  17. Try this.
  18. That may cost a lot of money. Do as you wish, but try Haro's suggestion first.
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  19. hire a professional
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