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  1. So this morning I woke up and turned on my laptop and everything was sideways, so naturally I turned it off and on again and that didn't work so I came here to see if anybody could help?
  2. Didn't work. ):
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  3. Does someone else have your password / are they able to login to your pc? Chances are someone opened up either the nvidia or catalyst control panel on your laptop and rotated the monitor.

    It's a little different with each os, but right clicking on the desktop and going to properties or screen resolution gets you to the first window (unless right clicking gives the catalyst control center or nvidia control panel option - in which case do that). From either option you should see the rotation options in there - it may be under advanced settings.

    If you can give me more info on what graphics card / os, I can be more specific, but that should get you in the right direction.
  4. Did you try my edit? :)

    Hmm sorry idk why it now wont work :/
  5. Solution 1

    Step 1: With the Desktop screen displayed in front of you, left-click to access the Graphic Properties option
    Step 2: Select the Rotation Tab
    Step 3: Uncheck the box labeled Enable Rotation

    Solution 2

    Step 1: With the Desktop screen displayed in front of you, left-click to access the Properties option
    Step 2: Select the Parameters tab and click the "Advanced" option
    Step 3: From the displayed list, choose the name corresponding to your graphic card model
    Step 4: Select the Rotate option and change it to 0 degrees or to the "normal" mode

    Solution 3

    Use the following keyboard shortcut to rotate your screen: CTRL+ALT Gr+ (Up/Down/Left/Right arrows)

    Solution 4

    If none of the above solutions have solved your problem, it might be caused by a configuration issue with your graphics card.
  6. Thanks that worked. :)
  7. Yeah my first suggestion was going to be Alt+Ctrl+Up Arrow. My mom used to hit them and the arrow keys all the time while she was trying to game with us and it would be at the most inconvenient moments. (Raids)