Computer help needed sound-wise!

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  1. so i was just derpin' around on my laptop, bored of playing minecraft (for a bit), and was making a website. i was listening to some great MC noteblock music, Requiem of a Dream, when suddenly it all stopped. i flipped over to windows media player and it said that it was still playing. i tried pausing and unpausing it. it didnt work as you probably guessed. i cehcked systems sounds while it was playing and nothing was shown making sound. note that i had listened to this song many times through and it was flawless. i tried youtube and there was no sound there either.i tried logging off. royally freaked out i logged back in, and was relieved to hear the login sound. i tried opening MC and then a small static and no sound was present. i logged off and on again and did the same with WMP, since the login sound started again, and it worked for a bit, but then the sound was fluctuating and then cut off about halfway through. i didnt want to go too much into the weird parts of the internet forums when looking for answers, so all i did was trying to switch where my headphones where plugged in and it didnt work.

    im asking anyone who has computer experience to try and help me. im running windows 7 home premium. i want answers from people who have built computers and that sort of thing, not 10 year olds who think they know computers because they saw a picture of the inside of one at a science center. no offense to all you 10ies :)
    any help is really appreciated to a newb like me. also if you need any relevant info about my computer ask away.
  2. that when i change the sound volume it does make the sound to show how loud it is, but thats it, nothing else works.
  3. Try restarting it and then not opening that youtube vid or MC at the same time again it might just be a weird bug with conflicting sounds xD
  4. i have restarted it twice now, no difference. :( i was actually not running anything sometimes and after testing it again it would just never run. i wish it where that simple. this happened once before and i tried that and it worked but now it doesnt :(
  5. xD usually it is for me...
    o well... u might want to supply info on what computer u got exactly...
  6. What OS are you running? What type of computer? What hardware specs? How old? There are many questions that, if answered, could help clear this up.
  7. ok ok, so many questions!
    like i said im running windows 7 home premium, its an alienware m11x by dell, its 1 year old, ill try to find the specs now.
    ill feed information as i look at various little things, so it wont all be in an order, and it probably wont all be here.
    2 gigs of ram, 64 bit OS, Geforce GT 335mm, 1.3 ghz (wow i didnt know it was that low!), 4.1 windows rating, realtek high definition audio (cant find specifics), thats pretty much it. standard apple headphones, razer naga mouse, some laptop cooling pad that i got for christmas, thats it besides a sticker and a razer naga sticker.
  8. Please try this.

    Control panel
    Uninstall of change programs
    Realtek HD Audio Manager

    Tell me if that does something.,
  9. i can try it but wouldnt that just get rid of it? all of it? would it re-install automatically?
  10. It will, And then it will drop down on to the Windows drivers.
  11. drop down to the drivers? what do you mean by that? im not that good at the hardware/ hardware related software aspect of computers, sorry :(
  12. When there is no Audio programs installed, Windows will run them itself.
  13. so it will re-installb the realtek thing again? sorry this is taking way too long, im just a newb of newbs. :)
  14. honestly it is kinda important to get back the same audio because it is really good in my opinion.
  15. No, But you don't need it.

    The audio will be exactly the same.
  16. would there be any way to get it back? the sound is really good from it and it cleans up a lot of static-ey songs.
  17. Yes, But as I've just said, It's not needed. Windows does it by itself. It's just always installed on windows because Realtek pay windows to install it.
  18. well it actually seems to be working now... im gonna try uninstalling it if MC wont work with it, but youtube has suddenly jumped into action and is working fine, just a little low quality and grainy sound. im ok with that as long as its not music.
  19. although its a tad laggy (high disk usage, screw you chrome for using up so much ram and proccessing power) MC now works!
  20. High usage is not related to chrome, It's related to flash.