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  1. Awhile back, we had that update that limited the amount of mobs in a certain area. I believe it was also said that hostile mobs can spawn in any light level at night. I never really noticed, until I made my SMP8 wild camp. The mobs out there are off the charts, no matter how good I light it up. Proof of this? I saw a Creeper spawn in my town, which was fully lit up. Now, I know, i'm saying that one of Aikar's things isn't that great, its weird, I know, but I think this is stupid. I know this might have been put in to make up for the decreased mobs, but this could have been done a little better. This is what I think, don't torch me because of it.
  2. Also, I think it would be better if they made it so mob spawners could spawn mobs in any light, but I guess that could hurt our already poor sales on enchantments.
  3. This would be more apropo to have placed this in the Suggestions section of the forum.
  4. I have seen creepers spawn right NEXT to torches. It's insane, like if there's no good place to spawn, mobs just ignore the rules and spawn wherever. I think Aikar has said that the problem is with Mojang, though.
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  5. It wasn't said they can spawn in any light level, but that they will now spawn in a closer radius to you. Before the update they could spawn basically ages away, but they now focus on only spawning within a a close radius to you to keep them from spawning forever away. This does mean you have to be 100% more careful with how you light things. Even one little box within your close radius with a light level JUST low enough to spawn something likely will.
  6. I hate it as well but stuck with it I guess if it's a Mojang thing. I was in the wilderness at one point and you'd swear I was running through a mine field with as many creepers as were blowing up around me. Also on my way to the Outpost on SMP9 I died the first time because I was mobbed by five skeletons at once. I went later in the day and it didn't seem so bad so I guess it also depends on the amount of people as well? No idea.
  7. I haven't come across this happening, however annoying it may be you have got to understand how helpful this could and is helpful in many situations. May need a bit of tweaking though...
  8. Well, I originally thought the post said it was tweaked to keep it from being mobless due to all those people messing with grinders but it's caused other issues. I think Kilmannan had some issues he was posting about at one time with having things lit up and stuff still spawning.

    If it was to do with grinders, then aren't the changes to grinders that were put into effect enough to do that?
  9. Yeah the amount of people on would definitely affect how many mobs spawn, I'm not suer how much it does effect it due to Aikar's new way of controlling mob spawns but at least before the entity count thing was put in when there was lot's of players on there were less mob spawns.
  10. I must have missed that post... Well if that is why this is happening Aikar has definitely done a rather good job of reversing the issue :p
  11. *Creepers spawn in light
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  12. Creeper, hostile mob, hostile mobs spawn in the dark.

    I'm surprised how no one has complained about this yet.
  13. Probably because, according to the ban stance and results thread, everyone "Is too skared and teh rulz it too strikt" so they're afraid they'll get banned? lol
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  14. Zolara is FLOODED with Creepers, I have been building walls, lighting streets, and I think they are going to hit the pizzaria next! D:
  15. Well, this is kindof a labor intensive solution, but what kilmannan and I did was to dig a darkroom beneath our base. The mobs seem happy enough to spawn down there, and we don't get nearly so much spawning above ground.
  16. Yeah, Pab10s and I were killing them the other night. We don't seem to have many creepers at Pazzo, just spiders climbing the wall and a few skeles every now and then.
  17. I thought is was because of 1.4…
    It seems zombies, creepers, spiders, and skeletons travel in packs now. A mix of those four.