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  1. Hello Empire! Most of you will be familiar with my brown haired girl skin. But I just started thinking... It's not very original. It's too much of a common type of skin, if you know what I mean. It doesn't stand out from the crowd, it's just a girl.

    I shall be holding a competition for a skin redesign. Here are the rules of the skin:
    • Must be made on top of my skin, use a skin stealer (please don't do a 3d layer, which has been newly released, I don't like the look of it, but you can do an accessory.
    • Must have headphones and a bow as the accessory, but looking different (colour differences or just better looking).
    • Must keep the purple eyes.
    • Must keep the hair the same colour.
    • Mainly, I just want everything below the head redone.
    Think you can do this? Great. Inbox me an image of the skin. If you are the winner, then send me a link to a download or upload it to an alt so I can steal it.
    Closing time of this event will be the last day of September, on that day I will take entries, but if sent after my decision (not sure what time that'll be) then it will not count, so make sure you send your entry during the month!

    • 1st place gets 10k and one of my heads.
    • 2nd place gets 5k and one of my heads.
    • 3rd place gets one of my heads.
    Think I need to add something to this thread? More information? More detail on what I am looking for? Let me know in the comments!
    I look forward to seeing your entries :)

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  2. There is no third layer on a skin. There's a second on all parts, while previously only the head had two layers.
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  3. I said 3d layer, as in the second layer that goes on top making the 3d effect :p
  4. Could you show me prove of this? Because I've never heard anywhere else of there being a third layer.
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  5. I have no clue why, But I thought you would look cool with a lady cyborg skin :O
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  6. I can't really think of any proof, but 1.8 released it, check the update page about it. There is an app on my iPod also which has a part already about adding a second layer over which makes it looks almost 3D, in a way..
  7. im pretty sure there are 3 layers as of 1.8
  8. Okay, thank you. I'll check it out when I have time.
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