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  1. ok there is something that has been on my mind for a while. well not really XD well the idea is that we have an actual PHYSICAL competition so you can go outside, well you need to have these three items
    1) surfboard/body board/skim board
    2) live near the beach
    3) video camera
    4) knowledge of surfing
    ok so the contest is you need to follow these three steps
    1) get someone to record you (unless your using a gopro)
    2) go surfing/body boarding/skim boarding and record yourself riding a wave with tricks (unless you cant)
    3) post it here or send me a convo.
    have fun!
    i will post a video of me once i get a camera :\
  2. How is this a competition?
  3. Well, I Have been surfing the frigid North Atlantic for three years now so next weekend when im out ill attempt to catch some video!!! Its difficult sometimes though because of the conditions but I will try my hardest!
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  4. Does pretending count?
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  5. can i use a greenscreen?
  6. Posting mine!
  7. nope
  8. i will post a video of mine once my surfboard is fixed (if you read my other thread you know why)
  9. 1) surfboard/body board
    2) live near the beach
    4) knowledge of surfing

    Hehe I don't have NONE of those things :p
  10. I Only have 2 and 3
  11. Oh wait, I do have 3.
  12. you dont surf :{ how could you
  13. I live right near lake michigan so thats where i would go surfing but because of the 86(?) deaths there i d ont know if i am going to do this.
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  14. you can surf at lake mighagin? kool
  15. Yes you can but it would probably be very dangerous due to the almost 80 deaths it has caused just this year.
  16. :O wow are the waves like HUGE cause yeah im assuming its not sharks XD
  17. nope its totaly sharks in a fresh water lake