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  1. Hello everyone!

    Someone recently typed a suggestion into chat on smp9, about having a Wiki res, with book chests to tell players how to craft fireworks, brew potions, and such. I have an empty res, 19219, that could be used. Since we would use book chests, I have a lot of book and quills, I just need to know what to put in them. I want to know if someone can maybe take over the project of creating this wiki. I can help in anyway possible. PM me if you have any plans, want to help, or want to lead the project. Thanks!
  2. Why dont recreate many crafting grids with itemholders?
  3. The problem with that is there wouldn't be that much space, and item frames cause a ton of lag. You will know with i'm talking about if you have ever been to 18100. That is why we would be using book chests. I just don't know what to put in them, that's the problem
  4. Well, they are just a phew recipes that are hard to remember... You do not to put all recipes. So maybe, item framescould be a good way... If the book is thr only option, i dont know either
  5. I like the idea a lot and have had ideas like this before. Currently I am a bit busy but if this is still in process in a few wreaks I will try and help.
  6. Thanks! I mostly just need someone to, like, tell me what to put in them, and have someone set them up, and it should be done fairly soon.
  7. Use the new view signs and draw the recipes on the chest
  8. How do I do that?
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  10. I like this idea, i will make a wiki also on my res on smp8