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  1. Want to advertise a lot or shop for free? Just reply below on what you want the sign to say and include the res number. if you want a direct link (pressure plate teleport) to your lot you can also have this for the cost of just 100r to go with the sign.
    Example of Ad:
    cheap shop
    wood, wool &
    Remember its all got to fit on one sign!
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  2. Aaaaahhhhh, this brings back memories.

    I remember when EMC had a community bulletin board. It would allow you to place I think up to three signs and could contain what? 36? It was at the spawn. And when GAMEKRIBJEREMY(omg I said his name!) came on he would clear it everyday.

    My first time I was there, stalking the spawn, and then I see thing man in a tuxedo with a block head come running up, destroys signs(mind you only mods could destroy signs), and flys off. I yelled in the chat: HACKOR! BANN HIM! And then later I found out not only is Justin not the only mod, but Jeremy was a mod. I was like *facepalm*.

    Remember the board Jeremy? With oak wood border and a base of red and purple wool?
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  3. I remember that old board... I miss those days.
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  4. I wasnt there that day, but I can visualize bob and hash getting trolled by Jeremy . . .
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  5. I was terrible. I mean my hard earned 6 blocks and a stick gone like that! I was upset.

    Just kidding, not really. But do understand, that board was awesome.