Community Mall?

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  1. Ok guys i deffinetly need some help here. My main question is can a mall be set up allowing anyone to come set up a shop with out the risk of people stealing if i was to use container flags . if anyone knows a way something like this could be accomplished please let me know . thank y'all
  2. The only way I know is to give access signs to the shop owner, while container flag remains off. Sorry I couldnt be more help.
  3. It may be more possible in the future. I read that they will be implementing a way to sub section a res and have different flags set. But that is in the future and not available atm.
  4. Access signs or Restrict signs.
  5. ok thanks yall
  6. Without you online, there's a VERY high chance of theft (to the point of it being unpreventable) because you'd need to give EVERYONE container, build, and use (that is, if you want anyone to be able to come by and put a shop down).

    You can give people use and build for a minute while they set up their sign but take it away after (they'd have an access sign still) and that'd pretty much prevent theft.
  7. thats what i was thinking but would probaly be way to much work to try and manage
  8. Bonzd did this on Smp1 with a user named PlayerShops. It isn't official, but it was very well protected.
  9. does he still play
  10. Yes, but I believe he's relatively inactive.
  11. ok thank you