Community farm,

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  1. I've build a big farm on utopia, my membership expired, so me main res got deleted, so I've no more use for the farm, so I've decided to release it as a community farm, :)
    Please respect the building and don't steal the walls/building material,
    This res is only for farming and breeding,
    There is a limited breeding area, if you want to i can make the breeding area bigger,

    Residence 5415 Utopia,
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  2. You're residences shouldn't delete if you lose your membership...
  3. I know, i lost my membership before that, but i taught maybe they changed it,
    Well no worries, i can't get it back, I already wanted to build a community farm anyway,
    I just hope that there will be a harvest flag one day, that would prevent the res from being destroyed,
  4. how does this farm work? We have no flags, so it can't be used by anybody
  5. Just harvest and re-seed,
    I gave flags to everyone so it should be working?,