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  1. Hello Empire, I have just today claimed a res on smp 1 and i am going to build a community farm for trusted EMC members to use! The farm will have a variety of animals on it including sheep, cows/mushrooms and any other animals you think would be good to have! The Farm has now been built and has received several major upgrades.

    The farm has a large wheat and sugar cane fields along with smaller carrot, melon and pumpkin farms. The farm will have a fair usage policy (meaning everyone has fair use and one person does not hog all the materials) If you harvest some wheat, you must replant the seeds. Anyone who fails to comply will be res banned from the farm.

    To get this started i may need some help, So if you are interested in the free use community farm please post below or PM me! If i think you are trustworthy enough you will be accepted!

    Also soon after the opening of the farm i will open a storage facility where shareholders of the farm will have their own free storage room and anyone else who wants to rent a storage room can at only 20r a week! This will be useful for people who are moving residences or people who need to store stuff but do not have a res on smp 1! All your stuff is safe in these Vaults!

    Possibly more information to be added soon!
    Res number: 2321

    We currently have:
    • Large sugar cane fields
    • Several automated wheat fields (Thanks to Lasluin)
    • Auto Carrot and Potato greenhouses (Thanks to Lasluin)
    • Auto Melon and Pumpkin greenhouses (Free to use for public and again Thanks to Lasluin)
    • Chicken, White sheep and mushrooms (More animals to be added soon)
    • Villager farm
    • Cactus farm

  2. I would love to be accepted into this service :D
  3. Accepted :D
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  4. Bump!
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  5. Seems legit, count me in! :cool:
  6. Accepted :)
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  7. I'll be in it
  8. Accepted! :)
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  9. Count me in! I can provide seeds and hoes

    o-O hoes....iron ones
  10. Accepted! :)
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  11. :)))))
  12. Bump! :)
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  13. Seems neat.
    Mind if I join?
  14. Sure, Accepted!
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  15. This is an awesome idea that reminds me of the kleingärten from north europe, which are exactly this, community gardens or farms where everyone can get fruits and vegetables and everyone is responsible for keeping and maintaining it. It would be impossible in Spain, sadly.

    I would love to join, but as I haven't been around for so long you might not know me. If that's the case, I would at least be happy to help with the farm distribution in order to maximize the best use of blocks, I am kinda good at that, I run a ranch after all xD

    Edit: you can visit my place at 1919 smp1 to see what I mean, the wheat and potato farms are behind the barn and the bokken practice room is my sugarcane farm with best distribution.
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  16. Would you accept me? (405 Days On Empire)
  17. Both accepted :)
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  18. I like the idea but some people might not want to use storage facility on the res mainly because they don't want stuff stolen. The fact is people can also easily make their own farm and without needing to follow rules and I would probably join if I didn't already have my own farms.
  19. For security reasons, i will be the only person with the container flag all other shareholders with have their own access chests. This means no one can access other peoples chests abd combats this stealing problem. Also not everyone has enough room to have big farms on their residences and with this community farm, everyone puts there fair share of effort in.
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  20. Bump right one month later because this is becoming something really cool and people need to see what they're missing xD
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