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  1. Hello, EMC.
    I usually don't have much to say about my life over short periods, except from events of interest like E3 or major Minecraft updates. But during holiday seasons, I LOT happens for me and my family every year!

    With what's approaching, I plan to release a bunch of content for the celebrations right here on the Empire Minecraft forums.
    One idea I have is a psychology-based topic about characteristics, traits, and personalities of people. No two brains are the same by stored data, thought processing, etc.
    I've been described to have an analytical thinking brain. I'm very good at analyzing information and creating effective solutions or replies to the situation. However, I have to be aware that the people I interact with don't think the same way as I do.
    It can be difficult to identify how you or others think things, but knowing it can be very useful! Some examples this can be useful in are arts and business roles.

    Now, this is only one idea from one person, that is myself. Therefore, I have a request for all of you as a community to brainstorm other ideas I could use for the future. I'm not looking for ideas requiring to play Minecraft or other games such as in-game events. Once, I accept enough, I'll ask for or announce a target release date for the threads.

    Hopefully together, we can make something exciting!!
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  2. I'm not really clear on what kind of ideas you're looking for here. I mean, I like to think my reading comprehension is pretty solid, but you went from talking about a "metric butt-ton" of content to how analytical your brain is, and I'm just not following.
    What is it you want us to discuss exactly?
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  3. I'm with Kephras XD ...are you wanting us to come up with a job that would fit you, based on the way you handle and analyse things?

    If that's the case, i'd say maybe a case worker or you could be a person that oversees companies coming into your town etcetera - things that you're able to decide what the best outcome may be.

    -Or are you wanting us to help come up with topics | games | community projects - that are able to be done when you get ready to 'release' them?

    There are things you can do with Introversion and Extroversion .... also with illusions or certain questions - some people think with one or more area of their brain to help accomplish or perceive certain images or tasks .... So it may be fun to let people know what type of personality and trait he/she has...
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  4. I just updated the top post. It should be more clear to you.
  5. I have just updated the top post. I'm sorry for the confusion from earlier.
  6. Well, something I find very interesting is dreaming. Because I experience deja vu and lucid dreaming very often, I'm quite intrigued by it. It's seems really cool and mysterious how dreams work, and I could talk a lot about it. I would like to once hear your experience with dreaming and the like.
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  7. What's prob the most weird is when I was younger I recall dreaming - then the next day at school the exact thing happened that was in my dream.

    Also* sometimes, my day would be a certain way at school - and the next day would be the 'exact' same...

    Déjà vu is in correlation to knowing the answer to something subconsciously and something actually happening - so when the question or pattern arises he/she is like... "let me guess... the answer is 'blank'" ...and when it actually happens your brain is telling you "I knew it - déjà vu"

    There are actually two other types of vu's ... presque vu ... and jamais vu;

    presque vu is what people would call 'tip of the tongue' ... the cause is unclear - so everyone has a different hypothesis...

    The way I always perceived it was: You search for certain keywords in different areas of your brain - familiar words, words used frequently, words we see rarely... Often people will be talking or thinking of someone and when they try to talk to someone else, and say his/her name, they will accidentally stutter the wrong name - that's not cause they don't know that person's name... it's just because he/she was thinking of someone else, beforehand.

    So if someone asks you what a word is ... you're like 'Oh - I know this...' It starts with an 'm' ... used in grammar ... and usually your mind will block the word itself, by you straining so hard to search for specific keywords that you may overlook it... So if you think of something else then come back to it, it may no longer be foggy. (btw - the word was metaphor ;) )

    jamais vu - is simply put ... recognizing something as if it was new, when in reality you may see it everyday and be oblivious.... May it just be a common item you view a lot, and not even pay full attention to but 'did' notice ... or you have partial brain damage to make you forget things ...

    So if I saw a book on my desk everyday ... then got home, looked at my desk and was like 'When did that book get there?' ...that's jamais vu
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  8. I do like the idea about discussing dreams in-depth. In fact, I've been interested in psychology in general. I want to understand how others think and how information they need before they can fill-in the blanks on their own. I think some of my own messages lately have been too difficult for people to understand.;)
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  9. After finding no ideas in incorporate into the special, I'm going to release what I already have on me on Thursday, November 6 in the afternoon by EDT (Eastern Daylight Time; EMC follows this time zone).
  10. I have to do a presentation for English (like everyone in my class) and our teacher said it could be about the book we had to read. I don't want that though, that's not interesting enough! So I really want to do a presentation on something that has to do with psychology, because I could actually have people (including myself) learn from it.
    I did a presentation in Dutch on lucid dreaming before, which went great.
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