Commanda's care package and the royal carpet

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What do you want the main ground to be?

Sandstone 7 vote(s) 77.8%
Yellow Wool 2 vote(s) 22.2%
  1. So how is everyone today? I hope you are because I have a couple new shops open! The mini mall, Commanda's care package and the royal carpet are almost finished. But in order to continue we need funds from you guys! Please come to 1737 to buy some carpet, redstone, utilical items and more! I hope you like what we give.
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  2. "So how is everyone, I hope you are."What do you mean?
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  3. You don't have to act like that
  4. *Wishes school was cancelled* I'll come by after school. I need some redstone.

    EDIT = Brought some blue carpet and one dirt.
  5. When I get some spare time (and remember) I'll check this out and when I like it possibly add it to the shop list:)