Command for passing res ownership?

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  1. I have played on EMC for a few months and got a lot of semi-valuable gear. Want to give plot to my bro permanently as I won't play much anymore and flagging is not what I want. Any commands/procedures to pass on ownership?
  2. None. What you can do is give your brother the admin flag which gives him full control over your residence, but your residences will always remain tied to your account only. So if you go derelict, so do your residences.

    /res pset <name> admin true is the command you're looking for here.

    Be warned that you should always be careful with handing out the admin flag to someone because it gives them full control over your residence (not specifically directed against you Krazy, but meant in general).
  3. I have actually already done that. If he edits stuff on the plot, will it still reset the 30 day thing?
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  5. yah, but i "don't have permission to use this command". I'm guessing (from the comments) only admin can do this because it's buggy.
  6. no, if someone votes for ur account then 7 days is added. if u come online then the timer is fully reset to 30days.
  7. So if he edits it it won't reset, only I can do that?
  8. he can also vote for you every week that keeps you from going derelict
  9. Editing your residence does not affect the derelict timer. Only /vote'ing or actually coming online will do that. So if you don't plan on coming back online then the only option your friend will have is to vote on your account. Which will eventually give him 7 extra days. So basically he'd need to /vote every week in order to prevent the account from going derelict.

    And to get into the changelog which Elite referred to earlier:

    If you check the comments you'll see that this command has been disabled, so no one can use this at the moment.