Coming Soon to SMP2.......

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  1. Coming soon to SMP2 /v 3456

    5:00pm CST

    Change the way you shop
  2. much awaited
  3. Are you selling this?
    Is this a shop?
  4. I always thought you were building Elysium up there xDD
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  5. OOOooooooh, smp2 gets all the cool things! Let me know if you need any stone Leo, I'll gladly give ya a DC
  6. So this is a big buy/sell shop I assume?
  7. Good luck Leo
  8. It's returned...
    Long time ago, he had a gigantic shop then went AWOL.
    Now he returned and revamped it so I'm assuming yes :D

    Not sure if sarcasm or genuine
  9. I know, I used to shop there :3
  10. Completely updated Buy and sell shop.

    Enhanced Gem trading center with real-time chest status updates...
  11. It opens in 6 minutes?
  12. I am opeing the res now, all to /v 3456!
  13. This place is pretty awesome!
  14. I was First non-mod in... Cheaty krysyy :p
  15. Everything interesting happens when I leave... :p
    Ah well, will try to catch up on it sometime sunday.
  16. Happy you all like!
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  17. Yes, I like this post.
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  18. Welcome back Leo. Looks like that shop update never happened. ;)
  19. "update"

    or complete rebuild ;p