Coming Soon to an SMP6 Near You! Iron Farm!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    Coming Soon to an smp6 Near you, Brought to you By finch, A Public Iron Farm.

    I will be working on a small side project to help smp6 a Little Bit. Since there are no Public farms in the wild on SMP6, I will be working on building one right beside spawn with it fully rebuilt around spawn, and even something more!

    If you want to help, Feel free to donate Any blocks that i would need....

    -Jungle Log
    -Jungle Leaves
    -Oak Logs
    -Oak Leaves
    -Dark Oak Logs
    -Packed Ice

    Although the list may seem long, I have many of the items on hand already, plus a few others not on the list. So I can go without any donations.

    Feel free to post any Questions or Comments you may have...


    P.S. An Official Thread will be made once the build is done with information, Rules, and Screens!
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  2. I likes the Iron. Will this be a manual kill strength II so we can collect Golem Heads?
  3. Those are a thing? *constructs guillotine*
  4. You will have the option to auto kill, or manual kill... :)
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  5. Update 1;

    The First bridge to the Main island has been started. Working on the Support arches under the bridge.

    From there I will work on fixing up spawn area a bit and the small island you travel through. Then on the other side of the island you will find the area where the iron farm will be held.

    Then in the future i will be able to add more farms or others can as well with permission from me...
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  6. Just a small screen of the Bridge to the farm....

    The sand is the Protected spawn, and where it extends, I repaired it and lit it up to stop mobs, as well as cleaned up the area a bit....
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    Working on the Island Cleanup, and will soon start the farms, and the bridge through the island...

    More Updates to come!
  7. Thanks to M4ster_M1ner who donated a Bunch of items towards the Build/Farm (List of items will be provided at a later date).

    I am Still working on the Hub right now, but will work on getting the farm up and started and then go back to the Hub afterwards.

    Also Tracks are setup, so players can walk or ride a minecart to the farms.
  8. If you have a Public Farm, or a farm you want to make public, and is on SMP6, Please message me, and we can look into connecting them to the hub!

    Working on Connecting a (WIP, Sushi Drop on SMP6)