[COMING SOON] Nightclub by Bunkerllama

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  1. As most of you know, my projects aren't simple. This one, is kinda simple. (Rare huh) Nobody on my server really associates with each other. Most keep to themselves and build things until they get bored. What if there was a place you could go when you got bored of building/mining? Say hello to the Lunar night club. This is a community friendly place to hang around when bored, ect. This will feature a working dance floor. Ambient lighting (really really important to call it a night club). A drink bar, ect. Now I will make a bit of profit with the "drinks" but not much. Most of this can happen just because I get bored of people not doing much or associating. Also, there will be a special radio station devoted to this that you can listen to online (because Minecraft's music is terrible) this will add to the night club vibe a bit more. THIS IS USER FRIENDLY! No cursing, poles, any of that. Just enjoy yourself here. I will hold random events here, such as drops, giveaways, ect. I will also include a "trading room" so people wont steal items when trading. That is all. Donations are accepted to make this happen to be as awesome as possible. Might expand later :) This project is just for fun. LunarisNewOverView_5520371.jpg LunarisExterorFull_5520372.jpg
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  2. Looks very nice and let's keep content wording to Emc PG- 13 rating. Don't want the cops aka 'Staff" to shut her down. :D
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  3. ahehe that's what I mean by "user friendly" :D Didnt knwo how to put it.. xD
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  4. This nightclub has been rated EMC PG-13 :p
  5. Looks great, I can't wait for it to be finished! :)
  6. I would automatically not allow bitemenow15

    Knowing bitemenow he will go around the club shirtless and lick people. Don't let him near the drinks, he gets loopy and gassy.

    EDIT: Sorry, bite.
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  7. got it ;)