Come back to EMC the Economy is back on track again yeah

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  1. I just notice today that villager trading is limited so no more mass trading for emeralds and other items. I believe its a 1.4 update which is great after the problems with 1.3 I think we can all agree this is a good sign.

    I know some players left because of this so if your one of them come back to EMC, soon rare items will be in demand again as existing shop stocks dry up, so get back here and support the server and the community.

    Lots of new items to stock your shops with from new food items to new music disc;s, so don't think its just the same old stuff.

    New challenges and update will soon be here also, remember the dragon egg arena's that Aikar mentioned a short while back well its not forgotten, it will be here and with it the opportunity to claim land in the wild as much as you like, so don't delay get back here today. :D
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  2. Yep no more or rare chances of Dbchest of Glowstone from me, it was fun while it lasted lol
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  3. Yeah I know what you mean, but all the good things about it was also all the bad thing, now though its looking much more balanced and fair for both players and shop owners. So those that like to get xp for tools are once again back in business, just got to get them back to EMC again.

    I got plenty for the moment but they wont last long and shop stocks will go down pretty fast with no one re-stocking them. Looks to me like a real winner for the xp farmers out there :D
  4. Nice :D How limited are the villager trades?
  5. a lot you can only trade like max 2 stacks of paper per trade only getting like 6 emeralds then you have to use the other trade the appears on the villager to get the trade again
  6. Good for Alex and I cause it means less people enchanting
  7. As Coffee said but also the trade price is higher and it take a lot of work to build up a stack of emeralds. Its also the same with other items you trade emeralds for you are limited to the number you can trade at any one time so glowstone is not so easy to get as it was was before. Its a pain to keep re-spawning and eggifying them to get a good trade so it will make the difference to the price in essence I would say it would be easier to go to the nether and get glowstone then use the trade or just as time consuming. That is if you didn't have to travel out a good distance to get the glowstone lol.

    I spent a least an hour on it and ended up with a stack and a half glow and the same emeralds I got bored with it lol which is a good thing I think for the econ.
  8. Nice to see a few old players coming back to EMC today a big welcome back to you all :D
    Looks like more new shops will be opening up
  9. Who?
  10. Me wait I didn't leave :p
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  11. im back to i wasnt on in like 127 days and ive been on for the past month now that i got a working computer:p
  12. Well, good for me. I know it is getting better by the way new people are creating soon to be huge companies.
  13. not JUST for you for the whole emc :)
  14. Promotocross110, zaxtek and at least one other came on to smp6 last night. There was 27 players on smp6 at the time most I seen in a while.
  15. Yeah. The amount of people on servers is beginning to pick up.
  16. i'm very please about this too. i'm 1 of the few large shops that refuse to drop my prices to some ridiculous # just to sell it fast. that does nothing but truly hurt the value of the item and damages our economy. with that said i dont raise my prices to be overly priced either. i took the time and effort to actually study the average prices of all emc servers so that i could give players the best possible and reasonable price. i even encourage new players to use my prices as a guide when they are wanted to know the value of an item. i can now readjust a few of my items that was used for villager trading back to a more average price thanks to this trader limit. :)
  17. Thought i was lagging alot when the emeralds just got thrown out when I only used 8 of them or something, oh well, just a bit more time getting the glowstone trade villagers :) aha
  18. Goodbye chance to auction a large chest of silk 1 eff 3 unbreak 3 iron picks...
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  19. i am thinking of coming back but idk i sometimes feel all the peaple that i used to have epic fun with are gone exept u silk
  20. You are an old player arn't you! :3

    I have always loved EMC although lost interest sometimes but returned afterwards and move onto other servers when banned for some reason when getting it sorted.