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What do you think about the changes

Cool! :-) 2 vote(s) 22.2%
Ahhh, its not that 'cool' :-| 7 vote(s) 77.8%
  1. Before reading this thread make sure you read this first :

    The Supporters can use coloured messages in Town Chat, The thing im worried about is that the messages from Non-Supporters are going to be lightgray and the messages from Supporters White.
    Other servers have this too, and I find it very anoying becouse the gray is hard to read ( my opinion )!

    I hope the chat of all players Supporter and Non-Supporter will be the standard white.
    The other thing im worrried about is that Supportes are going to promote there thread/shop in the Economy Chat with bright colours, like greend and red.
    I think this will be very enoying.

    The name changes are alright for me but im kinda worrried that Supporters will make there name so different then there normal name, like I change it to SirPotato.
    People that dont knop thats me wont know my player name, can be very hard sometimes.

    What do you guys think about the Colourd messages and Name changes?
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  2. I don't really like the idea of coloured messages in town chat because I feel it would result in things just becoming more disordered and could lead to players missing out on important info by it being crammed out by adverts in bright colours as you said. I feel chat is perfect the way it is :3

    Instead of having supporters as white text and normal players as grey, maybe having supporter chat channel as a different colour to town chat could be an alternative option?
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  3. The idea's from the thread linked probably won't be used. That was when the EULA was being bought in, however it isn't be enforced the slightest.

    I would like to see the chat stay white as it's fair for all players and also not annoying. I've played servers with loads of different colours and it's ugly as hell.

    Name changes aren't EMC related but Mojang. I believe Mojang have released/going to release some API where you get a list of usernames from a UUID (the string that every user has and never changes). Aikar can then use this in /p or in another command.
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  4. Yes but with / nick, that is a thing I hate.
    You cant see who is realy is!
    And what Anon said 'chat is goed how it is now', I hope to get more opinions and that Aikar makes the right disicions
  5. I dont think coloured chat is a good idea because you can have like 234 colors in 1 word!
  6. Aikar won't add a /nick command. He said how that would just be bad.
  7. Thats good news, hopefully he doesnt add the Colours too :D