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  1. Someone recently had me take this test to determine how colorblind I was. I failed each time and I won't post my score because its embarrassing to me. You can post your scores down below. Remember the lower score you get (1-2000) the better. Lower as in in the range of 1-20 is excellent vision.

    If your as colorblind as me, This is extremely hard. took me at least 45 mins to think I was doing good and ending up getting a worse score each time.
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  2. As you know, 12
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  3. What do they mean by hue?
    And I don't like tests like this, I feel like they manipulate my weaknesses....
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  4. Like, arrange the spectrum properly to transition between the two set colors on the ends.
  5. I got a 21.
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  6. I got a 20, is says *whew*. That was pretty difficult!
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  7. Ain't no one got time for that!
    Too many colors and I do not have time for it.
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  8. I'm going to try this tomorrow when i have more time
  9. I got 4, I'm very happy, considering I'm over 30 :).
  10. Maybe it would be easier if I had my glasses on...
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  11. Amazing!
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  12. I got a 4...
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  13. 3, but it took me quite some time, and made my eyes hurt :confused:
  14. I got 46....
    But then again I was rushing and wanted to see what my score was like.
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  15. I got a 49.
    The best score being 0.
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  16. Nailed it! I did this test a few years ago and got a 0, nice to see I still got it. :D

    • Your score: 0
    • Gender: Male
    • Age range: 20-29
    • Best score for your gender and age range: 0
    • Highest score for your gender and age range: 444445389
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  17. Holy crap whoever got 44445389 must be actually color blind.
  18. Or a troll.
  19. I tried the test 3 times: 18, 52, 33
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  20. Wow everyone has really nice scores, if someone gets worse than me , then I'll post my score :)