Color Perception Test

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  1. This is just a random test I found while watching Jake Roper's channel (Vsauce 3). Basically, how it works is, there are some colored boxes that are all the same color except for one, and you have to click on the one that's different from the rest of them (and you only have a minute to see how far you can get). This gets more difficult the farther you get, and more boxes are added. I personally got a score of 25 on this test, which I thought was pretty good, considering my vision is absolute crap.

    Anyway, if you want to try it yourself, here's a link for it: Color perception test.
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  2. *is colorblind* Tries it. Edit- Got a 23
  3. Only 19. x)
    Edit1; 25
    Edit2; 26
  4. Didn't nerd cubed play something almost EXACLTY the same as this, but a game? XD

    *Cough* *Spits out link*
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  5. I am using an iPad and got 16. But, an iPad in bad lighting isn't the best situation for doing this.. :p
  6. *Insert it's over 9000 meme here*
  7. 29
    Edit: Got 34 the second time
  8. Well, the one video by Nerd³ I've watched was this one:
  9. I failed.
  10. I couldn't get more than 27 make it 29
  11. 19, the yellow ones were hard to tell
  12. I found that the pink/blue/yellow/green/red ones were easiest for me, then it got tough when it was browns and darker reds and purples.
  13. 27 on an iPad.
  14. 35 on iPod touch
  15. 22 on an IPad