Color of Minecraft is washed out leaving red/blue imprints behind

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  1. Please help me! All of a sudden, the colors to my Minecraft is washed out (grey, faded) and is leaving behind red and blue images of the object behind. It's driving me insane! I have NO idea what else to try. I have restarted my game, tried to change super secret settings, and there are no texture packs on. I have the latest version. Maybe I should redownload? I did a virus scan yesterday. Nothing was found. I don't think I messed with any code. Any suggestions?

    Here is a picture
  2. options>videos settings>3d anaglyph> off
  3. I figured it out..... 3D anaglyph settings were messed up...
  4. Thanks!!!
  5. Wait, somethings are still washed out like my inventory and chat. As well as player heads. Everything else is normal.
  6. Could you post a pic of the new problem?
  7. That's a bug. After turning off 3d anaglyph you need to restart your Minecraft before the chat and hotbar get their colours back :)
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  8. Or, instead of fixing it, you could of course just get red cyan glasses... ;)
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  9. Thanks!
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