Colonial quest map.

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  1. So, I've been playing a little bit of a Assassin's Creed III lately. I thought of a custom map design similar to it. You must rise through ranks, purchase goods, and destroy the enemy!
    I am also hiring a video maker to maker to make a intro for it.
    Coming in 1.5..
    More info soon...

    Not much done, but this is more tedious than you'd think.

    Main Street:

    Post office:
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  2. Day 1 log:
    -Started main street
    -Built post office
    -Built barracks
  3. Sounds cool, pictures?
  4. Yeah sure, I'll post some soon.
  5. Want A Map Download? ;) so you can put lava walls?
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  6. I love this already! Keep up dat good work!
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  7. Don't tell me what to do.. Lol Thanks
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  8. Built a huge fountain in town square
  9. Any ideas on what to add are greatly appreciated!
  10. I've built a large platform of cobble where town hall is. Haven't done much with left buildings, any suggestions on it will be credited in the publishing!