Collecting books signed from everyone

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by lavaman1220, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Dear All of EMC, I need all of you. I am Trying to get a book signed by everyone, Or mostly everyone's. If You can give me a book signed by you, with your ign name and res number/numbers. I will put you on my Wall Of EMC AWESOMENESS. I will leave a list of everyone who donated a book, And they will be entered for a chance at a couple Giveaways. Please donate a book signed by you, And I might give away some prizes.
    please donate today, And Tell all your friends!!!! Lavaman1220

    Donators of Awesomeness!!!!!!!
    • hallandr721
    • Ultimategamer107
    • Amber107
    • SuperVal_Junior
    • RandaBear94
    • chickeneer
    • LordProNinja
    • _angel13
    • ANTP09872525
  2. what smp are you on?
  3. smp3
  4. I would give you a book but i play on smp1 :/
  5. you can use the vault to give it to my res
  6. Bump, You will be entered To win money, And Items!!!!!!!!
  7. I can give you 1 :)
  8. I can give you 5 tomrrow
  9. Ok all you need to do is go to my 1st res and their is a drop box to throw it into
  10. I am on smp3 to
  11. are u on right now
  12. I'd like to collaborate
  13. I dropped one in :D
  14. Sorry, I will update the list hold on
  15. Then do it
  16. Details pls
  17. I guess I could donate one later, if I remember anyways
  18. Sorry, I don't get what you are talking about
  19. I will give you a signed book and one head from me as soon as possible I have access to MC, 2 hours
  20. What kind of text has to be on the inside?