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  1. Many games on EMC have intricate premises.
    Some, like slot machines, are based on the real-life mechanisms.
    But today, I announce a game of my own making, where one could win or lose two, four, eight, thirty-two, sixty-four, or even one hundred and twenty-eight times their bet, or more.

    All on the flip of a coin.

    The premise is simple.
    You come to my res, 9240, SMP4.
    You walk over to the pressure plate.
    You find yourself in a room.
    You make a bet, anything from 1r to however much money I have.
    You place your bet on either sticks or stones.
    I repeat your bet to you, you confirm it.
    I press a button, above a dispenser behind a glass case.
    The dispenser contains a stack of sticks and a stack of cobblestone.
    If the item you bet on is dispensed, you can claim your winnings, 1x your bet, or continue.
    If the item you bet on isn't dispensed, you pay me the amount you bet.
    If you choose to continue, I press the button again.
    If the item you originally bet on is dispensed again, twice in a row, you can claim your winnings, now twice your bet, or continue, for the chance to win four times your bet, and more.

    The premise is simple.
    Isn't it?

  2. But wait? Wouldnt the 1 stack of items in a dispenser be used up first before moving onto the second stack at least that's how it works with arrows.
  3. I take the item and put it into the dispenser after each play :)
  4. Stahp being afk and let me PLAY :p
  5. Ah I see well so do you put it after of before they place they're wager?
  6. Aaaaaaaand I'm broke. Thanks.
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  7. like NO money cause id like to play...
  8. What happens if you have a brain fart and decide to practice some redstone, but don't feel like making a dispenser, so you just use your coin flip one? And you make it so that you flip a lever instead of a plate, and upon doing so, a circuit causes the dispenser to fire repeatedly? And what if that brain fart caused you to fill the dispenser with chicken eggs, resulting in the spawning of several chickens around the player upon making a bet and flipping the lever?

    That would be completely awesome; accidental chicken cannon. Anyway, what I wanted to say (before I got majorly off topic) is that I will play sometime and maybe even tell some others who don't go on the forums about it. :) It sounds like a great idea, and it interests me.
  9. I stole all of volts moneh. Then gave some back for fun. Then won again :p
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  10. Okay, I'm barely ever on SMP4, best way to play is to post here, and I'll look out for you if possible :)
  11. K Id like to play! Also some help on the economy plox!
  12. It actually doeant do that. :)
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  13. I'll play now, if I can.