Coding With Aikar - LIVESTREAM [ Mar 1st, 2014 ]

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    Something requested by players and will do semi often now, watch me, Aikar, work on EMC! See how all the magic happens!

    Watch and chat at:

    TERMS OF AGREEMENT / DISCLAIMER: By watching this feed you agree to the following:
    • You will not steal any code seen without permission from Aikar to use it. I love to share, just talk to me for help if you need.
    • You will not use any information obtained from the stream to gain any advantage over other players, including but not limited to abusing a potential for exploit.
      If you see any problems in our code - report it to me privately!
    • No screenshots or video of the feed (You can on Max's of us in person... but not of the code)
    • Anything else immoral or bad. Don't do evil.
  2. first

    now this is when i leave
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  3. :p YAY! :D Another livestream :)
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  4. Gotta be interesting...
  5. lol I don't know why I have Aikar streaming in the bground on my desktop while I'm working *ooohai* :D
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  6. Uhm I used to do java a long while ago, I do C# now + I'm pretty bored so I'm gonna start watching and see what becomes of it lol. Sounds good though?
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  7. Could be cool, I guess. Only time will tell!
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  8. I am a number!
    This sounds interesting...
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  9. we are getting a sneak peak at a promo item :)
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  10. If you werent on the LiveStream here is a hint of the item: Labor Day Bench
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  11. we saw something we shouldn't have seen *evil face*
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  12. If i tried to do this, i would honestly ruin EMC with a click of a button...
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  13. From coding to trolling
    Edit: LOL jkjkjk you joined him X3
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  14. Original idea may have been mine :p; but Aikar improved the idea, coding, and other awesome sh'tuff.
    Humility is not my strong suit
  15. Its over.

    Smooch was being sassy
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  16. dang i missed it
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  17. you missed it all. max played music for us, chickeneer was silenced for 600 seconds, aikar put 1 million marlix in the world he was on, and smooch was being sassy.

    Yep, I would say that you missed a lot
  18. I am streaming again but just doing general work.
    I won't be talking much though as I just got my wisdom teeth pulled and mouth is a bit stiff.
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  19. I do not understand anything
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