CoDe's Specialty Items!!!

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  1. Welcome to CoDe's Specialty Items,
    here you will find enchanted picks, axes, rods, swords, bows, gear, or anything that can be enchanted.
    Also if you request an item via book and quill,
    I will try my best and fill your order.
    If you ever want to know where it is at,
    Hop on your horse and head on down to 12190 on smp6,
    At the gigantic hay bale!!!
    As I am in school and with EOC's coming up, It may take a while for me to reply or fulfill your order.
    2014-02-23_18.32.14.png Thanks For Your Business!!! Don't Forget To Donate!!! Come Again!!!
  2. Unbreaking 3, Eff 5, Silk 1 Shovel? Whats the Cost
  3. 500-750r Or what you think seems best.
  4. Thats way too cheap imo :p
  5. Unbreaking III
    Efficiency IV / V (show price for both please)
    Silk Touch I
    Diamond Pickaxe
  6. Shovels are usually cheap because they lose durability so fast usually .3.

    Or mabye bugsy meant a wood shovel :D
  7. See, that is what I am aiming for. It brings in business and makes a god name for my shop. I want to put out for the EMC community while trying to receive as little as possible.
  8. I say.......... 1,000?
  9. CoDe <3
    Thank you <3
    So much <3
    For being <3
    Awesome <3

    And ok!
    EDIT: Paid!
  10. I shall prepare your tool.
  11. Shovel is ready make payment to Nickblockmaster. Chest will be set up.
  12. Your order is being worked on, almost done.

    Need chests set up with different enchanted gear :D
  13. How Much would the follow be, I may order some depending on prices and what I need:
    Diamond Pick: Silk Touch, Eff 4, Unbreaking 3
    Diamond Pick: Fortune 3, Eff 4, Unbreaking 3
    Diamond Shovel: Eff 5, Unbreak 3

    Again Just Looking for Prices
  14. Does 3,500r total sound good?
  15. 1 Fishing rod with LotS 3 and Unbreaking 3?
  16. 750r?
  17. Can I have a pickaxe or multiple with the following enchants?
    Unbreaking 3
    Silk touch 1
    Efficiency 5
  18. Will try my best to make it one.
  19. Will pay soon and pickup when you are done!