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do you want more of these?

yes 11 vote(s) 57.9%
i guess 1 vote(s) 5.3%
not really 2 vote(s) 10.5%
no 5 vote(s) 26.3%
  1. I have put together a code, the first person to de-code this code and post in this thread will win:
    -A diamond horse armour.
    -An iron horse armour.
    -A attack of iron blocks.
    -A stack of lapis lazuli.
    -A stack of hay bales.
    -A stack of jungle wood.
    -A stack of oak wood.
    -A stack of blue carpets
    (these may be subject to change)

    the code:

    Do not guess the code!

    -1. Minecraft Related.
    -2 F3+H
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  2. Im not sure I want an attack of iron blocks.. it might hurt
  3. its free if you can crack the code
  4. Umm, wait.. Herobrine's horse?
  5. I would take a guess... Probably far off, but a music player, with the block codes for an awesome song?
  6. please don't guess, this code is supposed to be deciphered properly, I don't want to give the prize to a cheater
  7. Cube, I am not a cheater, and am really hoping that you are not implying that I am.
    If you feel that I don't win, then I don't win. I wouldn't get offended.
    After all, its you that is hosting this challenge, and I believe you are the final judge of who deciphered it properly.
    If you had said 'no guessing' and 'don't post until you have solved it' I would have complied.
    But to insinuate I am a cheater?...

    Did I offend you in some way?
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  8. The durability meter on an unbreaking X diamond pick?
  9. I didn't mean to offend you if I did, I just want the code to be solved properly, editing OP now.
    where did you get that from?
  10. Nah, its cool. No offense taken. I will chalk it up to me mis-interpreting what was said.
    Looked at the code a bit more but still cant make sense...
  11. I Like the stufs and the Rupees I don't Like the difficult code :)
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  12. Kind of a guess.But it does go with the F3+H part.
  13. CONGRATuLATIONSYOuWIN = Congratulations You Win

    Cool Code.

    Also, not to be picky, but I think there is an extra zero after the C and and extra zero between the O and N, but I still solved it.
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  14. Awww...... I wanted to win ;_; But how is that Minecraft related at all?
  15. it uses the minecraft ID codes

    Congratulations, pickup on utopia
  16. Picked up, thank you!
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  17. So... can we get how it was decoded? I'm still trying and with the answer... not getting far. Thanks!
  18. In Minecraft, if you Press F3 and H, then when you hover your mouse over any item in your inventory/chest then a Minecraft Item code is displayed (i.e. Redstone (#0331)).
    So, I matched up the code above to a series of item codes and the first letter of each (plus the couple of extras cube45 put in there) spelled out the answer.
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