Cobble stone generators are...

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  1. Honestly, its just as easy standing there and farming... People do it because it saves them running around like crazy. I've done it easy and effective everyone does things there way not your way. :)

    The only reason i don't use it anymore is because the server for redstone is ultra laggy and makes it horrible to use not to mention clockwork is bad. lol :)
  2. Those are a bad way to loose time, lots of them has a delay for .2-.5 or more seconds do 'generate' the cobblestone, if you wanna mine 64 cobblestone's you will loose from 16-32 sec. which means a lot of time considering that you can mine 1 cobble each 2 secconds (with diamond pick)
  3. That's when a multi core cobblegen come in handy :D
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  4. That's why I use a cobble gen 3x faster. The wild makes new feel alone since you can't talk to people. It's faster if you use a cobble gen like mine in SMP3 res 7009
  5. I
    I agree with you completely. It would be more profitable to dig a large quarry for the cobble + whatever else you may find.
  6. Make 2 and 4: >60s and >1:10s
    Yeah that's just because we don't like people making wild a nuclear test area.
  7. Simple.

    If I need to stock cobble, my gen is a faster way to meet the demand. period.

    If I want other stuff, off I go to the wild ;p
  8. I agree with Leo its a really unnecessary to go to the wild for cobble. If you have a really large generators like me they work very efficiently. And like apamment said its always fun to make those redstone contraptions. Now don't get me wrong I love the wild and go there very often. Intact I'm part of eternia. So some people think it is more useful to use a generator and others will think that going to wild would be better. It is very normal to have different opinions, intact imagine a world where everyone had the same opinion about everything. That world is not the place I would like to be :p
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  9. Until you are being chased by 20 ghasts. It happens.
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  10. I have to admit, I'm one that has made some for other players,

    there are loads of reasons to why people want them, especially if they have a big build on with limited money. Yes they could go out for 20s dig 2mins run back 30 secs and home, but on a massive build like Ive seen some build those 20 - 30s add up alot.

    Also yes part of the game is to mine but the other half is being creative :p Making cobblestone generators is being creative :)

    don't think its such a bad idea to be fair.
  11. ALWAYS what I do:

    -Go REALLY far away from spawn
    -Mine loads of stuff
    -Build underground vault and write down coords
    -Keep stuff in Town Vault

    I'm certain I could have a 64-stack of diamonds doing this.
  12. My gen is fast :p but size/speed is not to be call efficient. It's just EPIC XD
    res 4198 smp2 if anyone wanna see.
    It's bigger than my shop XD
  13. i play that
  14. It's fast if you have multiple and it just looks awesome if you use glass XD And going into the wild take loads of time and you might fall an die! Once your the area in /wild, the first block is really far down like the border is a huge canyon. It's easy to fall down and creepers explode more far away and glitch so try kill you with a short fuse!!!!!!!
  15. I'd rather be chased by 20 ghasts than by 20 creepers.
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  17. I just wanted to see if people know good ways to make a cobble gen
  18. The is one person who knows about everything free to ask. If I recall right it was YoutTube :cool:
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  19. Which has a dad called Google.
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  20. Adoptive father.