Cobble stone generators are...

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    I dont get them... why do people buy them? The wild is full of cobble stone and you get the bonus of finding all the other blocks out there that sell for more. You still have to mine the cobble.. so whats the point?! The only possible reason I see to make a cobble stone generator is for sky block survival... and Im pretty sure none of us are playing that.

    Note to self, make a skyblock survival residence
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  2. It's all about convenience.
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  3. Yeah, I agree its pretty much pointless..I'd much rather go out and get me some cobble its fun.
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    1. /wild
    2. run for 20s
    3. dig down 2mins
    4. run back 30s
    5. /home
    6. profit
    8 left!
  4. Its also half the point of the game unless I missed something :D
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  5. i think they're for people who are scared of the monsters. plus having giant redstone contraptions is cool.
  6. SMP mobs are the least scary of all, you just walk past them...

    7 to go!
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  7. I mining a lot on smp3 (I use the same duct everytime) and sell the stuff. i have made tons of cobblestone and died one time caused lava. i was never killed by a monster.

    so whats the deal?
  8. some people are scared of things that most others aren't. like clowns.
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  9. You tho sir, are a true miner!

    BUT you havent been stocking my shop recently!

    6 more... cmon!
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  10. I do go to the wild to get cobblestone when I'm bored, but the reason why people have them [Like myself] Is that you can simply go to your res, mine a couple stacks and use it of sell it without the hassle of going to the wild and probably getting killed. I prefer the Nether and somewhere else than the wild.

    But everyone has their own opinions, for me I'm too lazy and I want to get cobblestone fast. :3
    And I'm afraid of the wild, I don't like them mobs! D: xD
  11. Just with iron armor you wont die unless you jump in lava... dont be afraid. Wearing iron you can take a creeper full in the face and not worry at all... not to mention that you really can just run/walk past all the mobs easily
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  12. Well most people are very forgetfull, so they might forget to bring food or take any weapons or armour. So if they are low on the food bar, they can't walk. And there's a bit of a glitch with the creepers.
    But like I've said, everyone has their own opinions. :3

    [Edit] Run* Darn typos! D:
  13. I built my own. Its not for big loads of cobble, more like of I need to fix something quickly.
  14. I built my cobble gen just because I could. :D I do get most from mining in the wild though.
    I can honestly say I have NEVER been to the Nether except by watching YouTube videos. :eek:
  15. once you get over the initial fear of it, it's actually less scary than the wilderness imo. take some fire resist potions and your set :)
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  16. Yes, good tip. thanks. I have a feeling I'll be going soon as I really want some of the materials there. ;)
  17. The only reason I dont like going to the wild is I feel isolated from the server and alone. I feel far from home as well.
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  18. I built it because it's cool. My main source of cobble is everyone :)
    Im lazy miner. So i buy cobble :D
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  19. Its alot faster to farm - standing still.

    and you can still chat in /town

    its just as "useless" as any other creation imo - coasters, piston doors, clocks, games etc.