Clueless with a Mac!

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  1. Hey, i know this should be in help and support but can someone with a mac help me? I'm trying to find the Screenshots file but can't find it. i need to upload pics of my Nether Brick Mansion!
  2. Wouldn't it be in your .minecraft folder in your roaming folder.
  3. ill check right now
  4. Here yah go:
    The minecraft data folder is located in your Username > Library > Application Support folder. You can get here quickly by opening Finder > Go > Go To Folder > type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft. Then once you get there go to your screen shots folder
  5. Let me know if that works! ^
  6. can't find it, i don't see App support
  7. What kind of mac is it?
  8. idk, ummmmm its not a laptop, its the kind where the screen has all the hardware in it. Should it say somewhere?
  9. Do you know what it is running?
  10. nope, could you take pics for me then upload them please? I'm at 12101 in SMP6. the giant nether brick mansion i need pictures of. Ill make a thread right now, and pay you 5 rupees for each picture
  11. I'll help you. Click on the main screen so at the top it says "Finder". Look for the "Go" at the top. Click that, then go down to "Go To Folder". In the text box, type this EXACTLY, : "~/Library/Application Support/minecraft". That should take you to it!
  12. Main screen as in your desktop.
  13. i don't see go, i see a search box?
  14. And the reason you can't find the "Application Support" folder is because it is a "Hidden" folder that is only accessible through the "Go to folder" option. Weird, I know.
  15. i dont ssee go, only a search box
  16. At the top next to the little Apple symbol it has to say "Finder". Some other options next to that say go. In order to get to Finder you have to click anywhere on your desktop (where all your icons/shortcuts are).
  17. THANK YOU!!!!
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  18. You're welcome! :cool:
  19. can't upload to a thread though