Club Nintendo Shutdown

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by autumnrain26, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. If you may not have heard, Club Nintendo is shutting down later this year.. March 31st, to be exact.. That will be the last date in which you can redeem Club Nintendo codes and premium levels are assessed with the premium gifts going out in April. There was also a statement that games that released after Jan. 20th are ineligible to have codes for Club Nintendo. The coins that you do have in your account will remain until June 30th when is the last to redeem them and Club Nintendo will be gone forever on July 1st, making way for a new loyalty program from Nintendo. As part of their Wind-Down service there are over 50 games and items available for trade in at the moment. Some items are in limited quantities and when they are gone, they are gone.. Another part of the Wind-Down service is every Club Nintendo account new or otherwise, regardless of premium standings or even ever having coins in the account, has received a complementary copy of Flipnote Studio 3D. This gift is given to every account, including new account that are made before the March 31st cutoff.
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