Closing sale at The Enchanted Mega Mall, 18252, smp9

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  1. We will be slowly liquidating assets at The Enchanted Mega Mall, 18252, smp9 beginning with enchanted (lvl30) diamond axes. Prices are reduced, nothing will be restocked. Potion and public facility areas are also open. Future sales will include bows, swords, shovels, and picks and will be added over the next week or so. Book section will not be reopened. Thanks for all your business!

  2. Bows have been marked down and are now included in the sale. If the light is on, but it says item not available, please let me know here as some bows are custom made and the codes vary. Only one god axe and god bow in stock. Get some!
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  3. Enchanted (lvl30) diamond shovels have been marked down and are included in sale. Pick and sword section are now open, but prices are not currently reduced - will drop them next week if stock is available.
  4. Potion area includes zombie virus and XP bottles. Bump.
  5. Although not reduced for the sale (yet), we have roughly 30 various loot3 swords and some fantastic enchanted picks all fairly priced still available. Mmm, loot3 :)
  6. Do you sell unbreaking 3 books? If so, will you liquidate them?
  7. Book section will not be part of the closing sale, srry.
    Swords have been added to the sale, including all remaining loot3 variations in stock!
    Shovel prices have been cut even more!
  8. Reduced the price on all picks - great deals to be had! Axes, Shovels, Bows, Swords, and Picks are now all included in the closing sale at The Enchanted Mega Mall, 18252. I'll be reducing the price on various items daily until all items are sold. Buy now or keep checking back. The shop will not be restocked.
  9. All bows and many diamond items (axes, shovels, and swords) were reduced again today. Still lots in stock to choose from (we were well stocked), but tons of items being sold everyday. Don't miss out!
  10. All remaining enchanted (lvl30) diamond axes just reduced another 100r each!
  11. Cool, I'll check it out! I am sorry to hear that your enchanted store is closing. I have brought quite a lot from you in the past and you have been almost always in stock! Your shop is easily the best enchanting shop in the whole of EMC! :)
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  12. Why are you closing?
  13. All remaining enchanted (lvl30) bows just reduced another 100r each to a minimum of 60r on several selections!
    Includes a single remaining god bow (Pwr5, Flame1, Punch2, Infinity1, Unb3) at 5,850r. Gone.
    Excludes Pwr3/Unb3 mob dropped bows currently set at 150r each.
  14. All variants of BoA, Smite, and several sharpness 3&4 swords, including ones with loot3, reduced 100-150r each! Prices as low as 120r per enchanted sword. Perfect for spider or mob grinders.

    The 4 enchant swords were moved to [slot1] as some plp were reporting as out (was due to variations in codes as they are custom made). Now fixed - come and get 'em.
  15. Bump - huge deals at this closing sale!

    For anyone reading, there is one Fort3, Eff4, Unb3 diamond pick on the rooftop of 18252 for 10or!
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  16. Cool i'l have a look round! ;)
  17. Just dropped prices on all enchanted bows, shovels, and axes - getting silly cheap!

    Closing sale - The Enchanted Mega Mall, 18252, smp9
  18. Fort3, Eff4, Unb3 for less then 2400r!! It's the mini ore buster for those who can't afford 70k for an ore buster you won't actually use...

    Closing sale - The Enchanted Mega Mall, 18252, smp9
  19. Diamond BoA4 swords - 100r, diamond Fort2 shovels - 50r, and tons of other great deals!

    One diamond Unb3 pick on the rooftop, 1r :)

    Closing sale - The Enchanted Mega Mall, 18252, smp9
  20. Bump. A diamond pick with Unb3 still available on the rooftop for 1r!