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  1. Flamingpotato42's
    Wood Works
    Smp7 14979
    Large stock, great prices! Featuring every popular wood item including 1.7 wood as well! Saplings, leaves, logs, and apples! All great prices in bulk sold in increments of 64 and 128. Sorry if out of stock, I am restocking as much as possible but wood is in high demand so I am doing my best :)

    You may also sell all these items for a decent price as well to help stock! If you would like to sell in DCs please inbox me, I am buying original wood for 4,860r and new wood for 5,400r :D

    Happy Shopping!
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  2. Reserved, let me know if I should edit prices and give me feedback :D
  3. I like this! Great price on the saps, and especially on the apples if you need them for some reason
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  4. Only place with reasonable priced apples in stock :p
  5. Yep :p after 5 minutes of opening stew was there and dem apples were gone
  6. Are the wood prices ok? or should they be changed?
  7. I would say just a little bit lower but not by too much
  8. Ok i will see how they go and tomorrow evening i will update accordingly
  9. Sorry for being low on stock with acacia wood and some other items...its already been crazy and i was out in a matter of minutes :p i am doing my best to farm trees when i can :)
  10. Bump :) tons of spruce logs in stock
  11. I really enjoy this place! great prices, and is really organised! Awesome job! ;)
  12. Thanks :D it is a bit hard to keep wood in stock considering 1.7... :p
  13. why is it closed. I don't have move?
  14. Its not closed...i was just farming some saplings. Its open now :)
  15. Flaming, there is still no move on that res (14979)
  16. Sorry for the inconvenience....huh almost 5 min after move is put back all my 1.7 logs went goodbye :p i will do my best to restock but they sell extremely quick
  17. Thanks to everyone selling wood! It really helps, I am in need of acacia the most. :) stop by and buy and sell.
  18. Due to my overstock on my pine logs...they have been put on sale for 95r per stack! :) buy em quick
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.