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  1. As most of you (jk) may know, my 1,000th day on the Empire is coming up. I have recently officially decided to do something for my 1,000th day.

    What finally got me to do something for my 1,000th day was the kindness of a stranger on EMC. His username is Snaiyls. He quit EMC on 1/31/15 due to his decision to play League of Legends instead. When he got on for the last time, he was on SMP8. He was from SMP7. He joined saying "selling a holiday pick" - When I asked him how much he was selling it for, he said "1r." I expected to get a regular pickaxe in the mail renamed "Holiday Pick" as a joke after paying him one rupee, but instead, I got a real and unused Holiday Pick (I thought he sent me a fake one until he said he was quitting EMC). After that, he asked me if I played Minecraft a lot. When I answered "yes," he then gave me all of his rupees, which totaled up to exactly 241,000r. A huge thanks goes to Snaiyls for giving me the rupees to make this possible!

    To say thank you to the Empire, I will give away a total of 241k to the community.
    All you have to do is reply once to this thread, and you'll be entered for a chance to win some rupees.

    The prizes (chosen by random on random.org):
    ---100k (one winner) GRAND PRIZE
    ---50k (two winners; 25k each)
    ---20k (two winners; 10k each) Rainbowpony1000 donated the 20k for this one to be possible :)
    ---41k (41 winners; 1k each)

    That being said, one person will win 100k, two people will win 50k, and 41 people will win 1k.
    Congrats for getting to this line of text; I placed this here so people who thought the post was too long wouldn't see this - an easy 1k: the first 41 people to do this will get 1k each (alts are allowed): ask me a random question (anything) and I will answer it. Anything else you want to include in your post will be optional.

    Winners may or may not be randomly selected on my 999th day.

    -Snaiyls gave me 241k upon quitting.
    -Reply to this thread for a chance to win some rupees.

    random line of text
  2. Can pigs fly?
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  3. What is your favorite color? :D
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  4. Me Me Me
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  5. Woah i forgot i had a wool shop man that was a year ago
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  6. Ello. Congrats Ulti :D
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  7. What effect does the Mutant Endermen gives when he "Screams"?
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  8. Congratulation!
    How did you get a list of chat like that?
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  9. Ulti, are you really just a sheep in a pig costume? (I bet you are)
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  10. Congrats on the 1000 days!
    What's your favorite promo item on EMC?
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  11. Hey, Congrats on 1000 days!
    Can I make a rupee donation? :)

    EDIT: you are so evil =P... But enjoy the rupees...
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  12. Nice one :) congrats on 1000 days! Welcome to the 1k club :p

    Are you a unicorn riding a pig? It's a yes or no answer :p
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  13. Who/what made you start playing EMC?
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  14. Pigs are now apparently lucky and generous...
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  15. yes...wait...that just looks like a giant Ultimamaxx in the background...(look at the picture)

    all variations of green :)

    four hearts of damage and some negative potion effects :p

    Go to the Minecraft files and there will be a folder called "logs"
    If I were a sheep, you'd see me hanging out with the sheep a lot. I only see sheep here in this screenshot.

    the labor benches because there are only two crafting benches at my residence! :p
    Thank you for the donation :)
    rainbow car

    Maybe I'm both...

    My brother bought Minecraft for the Xbox 360 on the day it was released for the Xbox (May 9th, 2012). I first thought it was a game I'd never play, but I got hooked. I bought Minecraft on May 21st, 2012 (for PC) and joined my first multiplayer server (EMC) on May 29th, 2012 :)
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  16. Photoshop skills apparently can come in handy when answering people's questions on the forums... Who knew :p
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  17. google images*
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  18. Congrats on 1,000 days! :D
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