[Closed] [TRADING] Ore Buster for Melons and Pumpkins

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  1. So this is a bit of a crazy request and I have no Idea if anyone can fulfill this but I am looking to trade 1 Ore Buster for 50 DC of Pumpkins and 50 DC of Melon Blocks. If you do decide to make this deal you'll have to help me deliver/transfer to my utopia res i have bulk storage set up there.
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  2. Of course this comes up the day AFTER I reset my res with 60 DCs of pumpkins on it. :D
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  3. Is this that u will give me an ore buster or I give you one?
  4. ill give you an ore buster
  5. I can do it possibly with my friend, ill give u an update later
  6. Closed by request.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.