[ Closed ] Supporter Vouchers for High Voting streaks

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by ww2fan168, Oct 19, 2015.

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  1. I do realize that the supporter ranks are meant to be for buying in which you are supporting the server, thats why its called a Support Voucher.

    So, I had an idea in my head ( I know my random shower thoughts are not the best ) that when you get to a higher voting streak you'd get a random support voucher.

    This would help EMC greatly because by voting, we go up as a server ( just me but 500-700 voting bonus deserves some kind of voucher ;) ), as well some members are scared that they'll be "hacked" if they buy the voucher, this will allow them to get a voucher but they had to get to a voting bonus of lets say 750, and once they get to 850 they get a gold voucher, then 950 a diamond voucher ( these are only examples ).

    Thank you for reading all of this,

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  2. I like this idea! But the problem is, it would take over a year of voting to get the diamond supporter voucher. When all the rupees you make up until that point will pay for 2 diamond vouchers
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  3. I know, but members do spend their rupees ( usually ). But this would help the server out massively.
  4. Sorry, but I don't like the Idea. If I voted for a year straight and got a voucher, Id only get 1 month of supporter. Its easier just to buy 1 month of supporter off of the website.


    Edit: Also How many rupees would you get from like say 950 vote bonus? Because if you sold the voucher you would get a massive amount of rupees from it.
  5. Sorry, Krysyy has already said this isn't happening.

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