Suggestion - Gold Supporter Voucher after 500 Vote Streak

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by xHaro_Der, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. Seems like a cool reward, and it takes over a year to get to 500 streak so I think it's fair that you get rewarded nicely. It at least lets someone who has taken that long to vote everyday claim a second residence if they've never had supporter before.
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  2. Hopefully by your 500 vote streak you could get a gold supporter :p. I still like the idea though, maybe just a larger vote bonus to help pay for it so it is up to the person to decide? No idea just throwing some thoughts out there :)
  3. I feel there's already enough rupee bonuses to convince many to vote, but there could be some cooler items. Voter's gear is nice but maybe a few unique prizes like this in the high streaks wouldn't hurt :p
  4. We have items on the future list that we worked on while Aikar was in town, some of which require code which is why they aren't released yet, however a gold supporter voucher is not one of them and will not be.

    Supporter vouchers are just that, for supporting the server through donations. Or won through events like the referral contest.
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  5. But we do have diamond supporter voucher planned for every vote streak! {i wish}
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  6. No, supporter vouchers are not on that list. If you do not want to purchase a supporter voucher, you can earn one with the referral contest or in an Empire Contest where that is one of the prizes. That's the only way they are attainable at this time.