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  1. Hey,

    My idea is to add MCMMO to EMC.
    I know it would sort of get rid of the Vanilla but I think many people would enjoy having MCMMO on EMC because many people love it because of factions. I also think that making a custom MCMMO plugin would make EMC a lot more popular and more amazing than it already is. I know this may cause some inconvenience but I think it will enhance EMC's Gameplay!

    Hope you like my idea,

  2. Considering that EMC is built and around and sold as a slightly modified vanilla experience, I think it's fairly unlikely that this would be a worthwhile thing to add. It just goes completely against what EMC has been about for the past however many years.
  3. Oh Sorry, didn't realise :oops:
    I feel dumb now xD
  4. I know it would sort of get rid of the Vanilla. Read the first couple lines
  5. Key for EMC: If it gets rid of the vanilla aspect completely, then it isn't coming to the Empire I'm afraid :p
  6. I know that, just a random suggestion!
    and how do you do the thing at the bottom of your comment! it looks really cool and I've seen a lot of people that have got it and really want it to!
  7. At the top of your screen theres a bit where you see your alerts and stuff. Hover over your name and click signature :D
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  8. Could you go into more detail as to what aspects of the MCMMO plugin you would like to see? For reasons stated elsewhere, we will not be adding that plugin; but there is always the option to add the features into our server plugins.
  9. Customized MCMMO. So like levels for different things that what MCMMO does apart from the mining, fishing, etc.
    and instead of swords it could be Fighting. Something like that. I think it would just making doing building projects will be fun.
  10. Sorry I want to be able to mine a diamond ore, not have to mine a crap ton of other things until I have the skill level to mine the diamond I found. -1
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