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  1. So as the title reads I am selling a few promos
    If you are intersted in buying any - comment below, PM me or catch me ingame with your offer ;)
    I do have a lot more promos - so if you want is not here just ask below and I'll see if I have it!:)

    Netherhound - 1
    2014 Independence firework -4
    Turkey slicer- 1 SOLD
    Freedom blade - 1 SOLD - I do have more, Request in chat and I will add
    Stable voucher - 2
    Vault voucher- 3 SOLD
    2014 birthday cake - 1
    2014 labour bench - 1
    2013 labour bench - 1
    Super dragon poop -1 SOLD
    ICC cake parkour voucher- 1. -SOLD

    And no do not correct me for my spelling of labour - that is how it is spelt in my country :p[/S]
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  2. I'd like to purchase the ICC voucher and the super dragon poop please. I'll pm you tomorrow about prices, it's past 11pm right now.
  3. I'll take all 3 vault vouchers for 12k each.
  4. Can you please PM me and discuss it there
  5. Apologies, the Super Dragon Poop has been sold. I got a really good offer and I had to take it.
    Sorry for the few that were interested
  6. Bump.
    I have now edited the post so people who are wanting to buy promos can comment on this thread- (PMs we're getting annoying :p)
  7. Bump - still a few promos remaining!
  8. Offer?
  9. Hmm I wanting more than that minimum of 31k - give me your best highest offer
  10. How about 30k?
  11. If you read above i said a MINIMUM amount of 31k
  12. Ooh, I'd like...
    - The Netherhound egg, say 32k?
    - The Turkey Slicer for 40k?

    How do these prices sound?
  13. How about 50k for the egg
    And hows about 45k for Turkey?
  14. I'm not seeing any previous auction where a Netherhound egg sold for more than 38k. But, since value rises, I'll offer 40k. I think 50k would be too much, and if it's your minimum, then no thanks.

    As for the Turkey Slicer, I really don't want to go too far above 40k. How about 42k?
  15. Well thats ok because the egg was just sold :p. And also I bought it for 45k so I wanted a bit more of profit.
    43k for the Slicer and we have a deal?
  16. Alright, 43k for the Turkey Slicer. I'll be on to pay and collect tomorrow, is that okay?
  17. Yip, good as gold. Ill just mail it to you now :)
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