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  1. I've got 12 bonus chests for 10k each. Post on here on PM me if you would like them.
  2. Ill take one chest, don't think I will be on until Monday... unless I'm lucky.
  3. what bonus chest ? and i will take one
  4. I was just about to ask you in-game, but you left :(
    Anyway, I will take one!
    Please confirm this and I will pay!
  5. I'll take 2
  6. I'll mail them to all of you a little later, thank you for being patient :)
  7. should i pay you know or wait till i get it?
  8. I'll take 3 of them
  9. I already paid, so I'll be expecting them in my mailbox :p
  10. I paid for the 3 bonus chests
  11. Ill take two of the chests
  12. Nvm on those
  13. I have paid just waiting on the chest :p
  14. I have sent everyone who has asked for chests theirs. I have got someone queued for the last four chests, so please hold on the requests to buy those.
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  15. i got diamond horse aromor out of it -.-
  16. Well, that's the point of it. It is all randomly chosen rewards :)
  17. No problem :)
    All my current bonus chests have been sold!
    If I obtain any more, I will bump this thread :D
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  18. Bonus Chest Will Not Be Sold/Bought Anymore Do To Rule Change
  19. Yup...

    You've all been requested by B4dman51mon (or however you spell it) to close any threads related to selling/buying/trading bonus chests. It's now illegal. Any in-progress transactions are also to be cancelled.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.