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    Hey guys, I'm got some information for you.
    It's a bundle of information, each bit sold separately, at my only res on smp8.
    What is this information, you ask?
    Knowledge and wisdom on promos and special EMC items not found on the EMC wiki.
    Hidden information, if you may.
    I won't post the specifics here...follow the white text to get there:

    Directions to Black Market:
    1) Go to smp8
    2) Go to /v Steamingfire (it's steam, not stream!)
    3) Right click the [TELEPORT] sign underneath the white sign "Cloud Collection"
    4) Walk forward and drop down from where you spawn
    5) Turn around
    6) Look up and right click the teleport for "Room of Excerpts"
    7) It's your choice whether to actually enjoy some reading time or go to the Black Market from there, the mini hallway of two ways.
    8) But no matter which one you choose, the other is always available ~.^

    ~SteamingFire, half-hidden info broker

    P.S. Do not post evil things on this thread. If you do, I will merely reply with the comment "evil".
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  2. evil things
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  4. Interesting... And just for fun...

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  5. I'll have to check this out.
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  6. Hmm, something that's not on the wiki, eh?

    ...evil things
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  8. I'm shutting down my business.
    Deathconn decided to buy all my info and add/correct the wiki based on my information.
    Hmph, can't trust Contribution Team with black market information.
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  9. [a like from krysyyjane9191 in above post]

    Krysyy!!! >.<;;
    I ought to be paid for correcting and enhancing the wiki =P

    Edit: better idea. Deathconn, pay me 10x the amount you paid for all that information =P
    You ruined my only fun business, after all.
  10. Eh never mind, disregard everything I said.
    Situation has changed.
    Market is permanently closed.

  11. evil things
  12. Closed by request.
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