[CLOSED] Selling 2012 New Year's Fireworks for 25,000r

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  1. I've currently got 26 11 1 ZERO left in stock on SMP2, type /v 4302 Firework to get there! The prices as they stand at this time are 25,000r.
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  2. That inventory doe :p
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  3. Just... how? :p
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  4. Some guy gave 'em to me :)
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  5. Who would just give them to you for FREE!
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  6. You are very lucky! That is about 800k.
  7. B-Pump??
  8. If you ever want to sell one for 15k let me know and I'll buy one from you.
  9. Oh, lol
  10. I only have 13k, and I am voting daily, so I could buy one from you in about 3 to 13 days.
  11. No where did Kevdudeman say they are 15k. Someone offered him that.
  12. Woah.
  13. Really awesome FW btw Kev who doesn't like a good old firework
  14. Where do you go?
  15. Huh?
  16. How'd you post with no text :confused:
  17. Putting
    Into a blank message will center blank text, and leave it without a message
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