[CLOSED] SC of Bee Nests

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  1. ITEM: SC of bee nests each occupied by 3 bees

    STARTING BID: 1000r


    ENDS: 48 hrs after last bid.

    PREVIEW: SMP3 /v +Astromath1959 or /v 7564

    PICKUP: Same location.
  2. Is this 27 nests or 1,728? Nests are stackable the preview chest shows just 27 individual nests. I wanted to clarify if I bid it is for the 27 and not a SC (1,728) of them?

  3. Tried to edit. If it is just 27 nests I think this auction is invalid as it would have to be a min of 9 stacks since it is a common item in MC.
  4. The nests are not stackable because of the variability of the number of their resident bees. There are 27 nests each with 3 bees.
  5. Edit: This comes under the following exception to the rule: If the item does not naturally stack, the minimum quantity is 9.
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  6. Let me rephrase that: each nest can hold a maximum of 3 bees. It is because of this variability the nests are not stackable.
  7. Yes, you are correct and I am happy to learn this. I still am not a bee keeper at all but am happy to learn... Empty nests stack not full or semi full. I am happy to be able to bid and know what I am bidding for! :) Thanks for teaching me this

  8. You have won the auction. I'll replace the [PREVIEW] sign with an [ACCESS] sign within 24 hours of payment.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.