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Would you buy a Residence Voucher? In-Game or IRL?

Yes! 1 vote(s) 8.3%
In-Game Yes. IRL No. 11 vote(s) 91.7%
IRL Yes. In-Game No. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. This idea just came to me.
    What if, like vault or stable vouchers, a residence voucher was added to EMC?

    A Residence Voucher would be buyable from the supporter page, like a diamond, gold, iron or derelict voucher. It could also be given away at games and events, to help inspire even more participants.
    Perhaps, it could be a promo item ONLY to those reaching certain milestones, like having so-so tokens or having invited so-so players to EMC. (so-so being a very high number)

    When a player does have a residence voucher, if they 'use' it, it opens a vertification screen firstmost that yes, you want to use this voucher to get a new residence. Clicking yes will raise your total max residences up one. Supporters that already have multiple residences would be able to use this just like any other voucher, however a max limit would have to be set. Similar to the limit on how many vaults a Diamond Supporter can buy (not including raising that by using vault vouchers).

    I do not know if this idea has already been stated before or not. If it has, please close this thread.

    Thank you all for putting up with my silliness.
  2. I swear these used to be a think...
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  4. Back when the server was young these were around but got taken away.
  5. These existed for a few months, but are no longer available. I actually have one or two still. It was implemented when everyone was freaking out over the new Minecraft EULA.
  6. I have been gone for over a year.

    I just looked at at the wiki and saw this.

    Anyways, This thread is pretty null. Umm, question though.
    Is it still dropped at parties?
    And why can it not be bought on the website anymore?

  7. It wasn't dropped at parties. It was used when the EULA was in question.
  8. If you really want more residences just invest in an alt. That alt can have 4 residences if you give it diamond
  9. I have 3 alts.
    So I'm good in that resepct.

    The point of this thread was just to see if it was a good idea or not for it to be implemented.
    The fact it already was, made me laugh and feel embarassed. :p
  10. I thought they still are available?

    But they are at a huge price now.
  11. Nope. Only permanent protection is still available.
  12. I thought that they were dropped at a party, I think it was the one where Aikar made a maze made of stone and dropped items into the maze for us. Not a lot of them were dropped but I thought that they were dropped then anyway. Of course, they aren't dropped anymore, that was the only time! :)
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  13. could be ive never made it to one of his parties.
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  14. I cant get it to show on mine anyone else ?
  15. I can't seem to find that either, the page doesn't show the Max Res Voucher on there for me. I checked earlier today and I know that it has been off the list for a while...
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  16. This is a troll. and False advertising is against the rules !!

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  17. I am not trolling... It honestly was there when I checked the page. I am sorry for any hurt feelings.
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