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  1. I cannot be bothered to AFK and chop trees right now so...

    I am looking to trade 1DC of Oak Logs for 1DC of Birch Logs.

  2. I'll check my storage. I know I have an SC, but not sure on the DC. Hit me up tomorrow, cheers :)
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  3. Sure. I set up an access chest on 752 :)

    If I understand you correctly, you want the oak and have the birch, meaning I filled the chest with oak :)
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  4. I've got an SC of both Stew, but not a DC. Holler if the SC is good enough and I'll pop on access signs at my storage for you.
    Sounds like Jelle has you covered though huzzah :)
  5. Other way around lol, need the Birch- have the Oak.
    I wouldn't mind an extra SC- doing a project when we go 1.15 and I wanna use stripped birch logs alot lol. You reside on 8 though and I am quite far out there? Would it be okay with you if I set up access on Utopia (5717@pickup)?
  6. Sure. I'll do that in an hour or so :)
  7. Okay cool :)
  8. :) (I know that was more than an hour :p )
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  9. Exchanged it out. Thanks!
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  10. Yep, all my residences are still on 8. Today turned into the housework day IRL. All the holiday decorations down finally. Sounds like Jelle hooked you up :) If you want to trade for another SC, hit me up. I can run to Utopia sometime next weekend. Poke me or my senile tush will forget. Cheers man :)
  11. Gonna just close the thread I think- I can always do some farming if I need it.

    Thanks though.
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Not open for further replies.