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  1. Hey guys so i am hiring somebody to build me a very large promo mueseum now you will need to have all of the supplies you need and i will be paying 170k to the person(split for more people)who does this for me please pm me if interested also if you wish to donate to this please pm with the items you would like to donate and also if you donate if at anytime you need what you donated back as long as i have a 1 to 2 week notice you can have it back

    Materials needed

    Stone lots of it
    Glass panes
    Wood slabs doesnt matter what color
    torches and stairs
  2. just wanted to say this is the basic idea of the building(just not with as many floors
  3. i think 85k isn't enough if the builder has to supply the items himself
    now that is just my opinion
    and i do hope you find someone willing to do this for you :)
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  4. I agree with Allicanto. Just as a reference, mine at 5006 was close to a million and that was JUST the design. I built and supplied all the materials myself. I doubt you need something that large though but gives you an idea on potential price.
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  5. if i were to supply the items do you think 85k would be enough?
  6. went ahead and updated to 150k
  7. just so you know, but since the builder has to get the items himself
    he will probably not be using expensive materials as quartz for such a price
    now your build "looks" mostly stone (really unclear on the pic)
    so it might not be a problem

    good luck with finding someone :)
  8. Thanks and bump still looking
  9. Bump! Still looking
  10. Bump updated to 170k
  11. If I have to provide materials and build it, I wouldnt take less than 700k.

    If you decide to provide materials I would consider 400k.
  12. Bump! now its no longer a promo muesuem its for my other event
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  13. Updated the list of materials so you now know what you need
  14. Also i am willing to give whoever does this a promo from whatever i have left over by that point
  15. No offence, but I doubt the promo will be worth it. Your putting a lot of thought and materials into the DP your doing and so every good promo should be used.
    If you provided the materials, which shouldn't be too much if you took off more floors, then I'd be willing to help.
    If you decide that you definitely won't be supplying the materials, PM me and we'll figure out a price and the materials being used.
    In the meantime, please give an accurate list of the materials you need so that the builder will know what they need.
  16. I already have a list of a stuff you need at the top of the thread
  17. still looking!
  18. Another bump!!!
  19. Found someone to do this for me thanks for all your guys help
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